Composition Roofing 

We are the expert in Composition roofing installation in Indianapolis.

What is Composition Roofing?

It is asphalt coated weather resistant shingles made of fiberglass that is also embedded with crushed rocks. These Shingles come in many different sizes and widths. Composition roofing is in high demand due to the great styles and choices available. Composition shingle roofs is a very durable material which usual has a life span of between 15 and 30 years.

Their are three different types of composition roofing

  1. Premium Shingles – Thus as they name states these are the best laminate composition shingles on the market today. These shingles are heavier, thicker, and larger than other types of shingles. They also come with a 50 year warranty

  2. Dimensional Shingles–