Tile Roofing Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Indianapolis

In the roofing industry in Indianapolis, tile roofing remains the preferred choice for roof covering. Extraordinary modern designs, as well as an array of style options, make roofing tiles a popular cosmetic preference. Key factors such as weight and strength account for tile roofing record of high quality and longevity when compared to other roofing options.

The increased popularity of tile roofing reflects the superior combination of design and durability.
There is a multitude of tile roof covering options. Tile roofing being the most popular, likely due to the increased availability of numerous size, shape, and color options. With advanced manufacturing technologies, clay and concrete tiles can be made to accommodate even the most challenging architectural designs. Reproductions of Spanish, Mediterranean, or Old English styled roofing is common. Manufacturers can produce, round, flat or sleek designs with ease, providing a countless supply of choices in roofing tile.

Natural sources provide the coloring unique to tile roofing. For example, when manufacturing clay tiles, the original color of the clay being used accounts for the coloring. In concrete tiles, iron oxide is responsible for the color pigments found in the finished product. Color fading is common in all roof covering based on the obvious environmental exposures. However, tile roofing, in particular, shows significantly less fading. Many clay tile manufacturer’s warranty their product against fading for 50 years.

Varying beauty and design choices aside, weather resistance and low maintenance are other reasons why tile-roofing choices remain popular in Indianapolis. Properly installed tile roofing has been shown to withstand sustained winds up to 150 mph. With hurricane winds beginning at 75 mph, there is no question why the entire state of Indiana  prefers tile roofing. Other weather resistance features such as the reduction of ice damming (ice buildup) and natural water shedding abilities explain why tile roofing is the most common roof covering option in both warm and cold climates. As far as maintenance, other roofing options may require recoating, painting or sealing to maintain quality. Tile roofing is a low maintenance product, specific only to venting, protrusions, and gutters.

Although many roof covering options exist, tile roofing has stood the test of time as the most popular and practical choice for both beauty and durability.